Rops & Fops man carriers

ROPS : Roll over protection structure and FOPS: Fall over protection structure.

ROPS and FOPS man carriers are used underground to transport employees safely. Our ROPS and FOPS are approved by SABS and the University of Pretoria.

  • We can supply you with a underground ROPS & FOPS vehicle that has been cleared, has Fail safe brakes & vehicle / driver management system all under one roof. 
  • LDV’s can seat a maximum of six, and Dyna’s can seat a maximum of 18 passengers.
  • Dyna’s can also be fitted with six seats and a drop side loadbody.
  • The Ambulance is fitted with two seats, collapsible stretcher and first aid kit.
  • All ROPS & FOPS projects are customized according to the clients needs.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser converted into an explosives truck.
  • Toyota Dyna’s and LDV’s converted into man carriers.
  • Toyota Dyna converted into steel personnel carrier.
  • LDV converted into NON Flameproof U/G vehicle.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser converted into lube vehicle.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser converted into a scissor lift.

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